Who we are

Spark Legal Network is dedicated to providing Europe-wide consultancy services for policy, regulation, and legal frameworks at both national and European level. Spark has a unique operating model founded on an extensive network of excellent legal experts across Europe and incorporating links to (and partnerships with) high-ranking universities, institutes, and research centres. Through its flexible structure, Spark can swiftly respond to client needs, providing a central point of coordination and ensuring a harmonised and semantically sound approach to research. We ensure the application of comprehensive methodological tools and proper reporting by our network of freelance experts.

What we do

We offer research solutions on legal issues, as well as policy recommendations, at both European and national level. Our work ranges from extensive EU research projects, where we cover all EU and EFTA states to ad hoc queries and case law requests. Depending on your specifications, we connect with the legal or policy expert(s) with the most suitable experience and knowledge to carry out research and to respond to your requirements in the best possible way.

More specifically, we offer the following services:

European studies


Our teams of European academics and legal professionals, who are experts in their fields, perform (desk) research, interviews, case studies and / or (comparative) analysis, depending on the topic and size of the project.

Serving as a hub, research coordinator and network leader, Spark is responsible for the roll-out of research in the EU and EFTA countries, ensuring the sound application of methodological tools and proper reporting by the national legal experts. We manage the team centrally, offering a helpdesk service for questions, comments and feedback.

We also (co)write study proposals, put together research frameworks / guidance and interview templates, organise training sessions and workshops and provide reporting and presentation. All our work is quality checked in accordance with strict protocols, ensuring consistently high performance and reporting standards.

We are always interested in discussing collaboration on European studies and / or projects. Please contact us via email info@sparklegalnetwork.eu or by phone (+44) (0) 20 89939699.

Knowledge Management and ad hoc Legal Research Questions

With our extensive network of legal experts across Europe we are able to respond to any (cross-border) legal research questions, including the identification, collection and analysis of (EU and national) case law.

We manage the proper execution of research tasks, including coordination with the expert(s) to ensure sound research and analysis and proper and timely reporting.

Please send us your research request by email to info@sparklegalnetwork.eu, describing your query in as much detail as possible. Upon receipt of your request we will return to you to discuss specifics, in order to present an offer for our services.

We will agree all fees and deadlines with you before assigning a suitable expert / team to the research task. We run a competitive pricing scheme, which we synchronise with the type and depth of the research query. Price indications are available upon request.

Network Management

We are a small team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals (with backgrounds in legal practice, consultancy, research and legal publishing), who centrally coordinate the network and manage our legal research projects. Our clients receive high quality reporting in English and/or any other EU language, including references of relevant sources and all relevant further background information needed. As our legal teams work directly for us, we are responsible for administrative and HR issues, and / or costs, streamlining project management and providing flexible expertise.


Throughout our research projects we operate a full-time helpdesk to answer any questions and provide information with regards to the legal research and project status, open to all our clients and to our expert network.