Recent and ongoing projects:

  • Contract 645/PP/GRO/IMA/17 “Study on data in platform-to-business relations” under framework contract ENTR/172/PP/2012/FC – LOT 2 (European Commission DG GROW)
  • Contract ENER/B2/2017-362 “Assessing the independence and effectiveness of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in the field of energy” under framework contract MOVE/ENER/SRD/2016-498 – LOT 1 (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Contract SMART 2017/0061 “Study to support the review of Directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information” (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract ENER/B1/2015-570 “Evaluation of the TEN-E Regulation and Assessing the Impacts of Alternative Policy Scenarios” under framework contract ENER/A4/516/2014 (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Contract SI2.746126 “Study on the Assessment of the regulatory aspects affecting the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector in the 28 Member States” under framework contract ENTR/172/PP/2012/FC – LOT 1  (European Commission DG GROW)
  • Contract 577/PP/GRO/IMA/1131/8973 “Study on Operational restrictions in the retail sector” (European Commission DG GROW)
  • Contract SMART 2015/1089 “Connecting Europe Facilities: Cybersecurity Digital Service Infrastructure (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract EAC/2016-0367 “Study on anti-doping and data protection” under framework contract JUST/2014/DATA/FW/0038 (DG EAC)
  • Contract ENER/B1/2015-627 “Study on compliance-check of national regulatory practise with Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 347/2013” under Framework Contract SRD/MOVE/ENER/SRD.1/2012- 409 lot 1 (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Contract COMP/2015/007 “Support study for impact assessment concerning the review of Merger Regulation regarding minority shareholdings (European Commission DG COMP)
  • Contract SMART 2015/0054 “Facilitating cross-border data flow in the Digital Single Market: Study on data location restrictions” (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract SMART 2015/0018 “Clarification of applicable legal framework for full, co – or self-regulatory actions in the cloud computing  sector” (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract ENER/B4/2015623 “Review of current national rules and practices relating to risk preparedness in the area of security of electricity supply ” (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Contract ENER/C3/2014/549 “Technical assistance for the review of the effectiveness of implementation of Article 6 of the Energy Efficiency Directive” (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Contract CHAFEA 2014/Health/10 “Study on cross-border health services: potential obstacles for healthcare providers” (European Commission DG SANTE)
  • Contract MARKT 2014/083/D “Legal review on industrial design protection in Europe” (European Commission DG GROWTH)
  • Contract SMART 2013/0071 “e-Privacy Directive: assessment of transposition, effectiveness, and compatibility with the proposed Data Protection Regulation” (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract SMART 2013/0039 “Standards terms and performance criteria in service level agreements for cloud computing services” (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Contract SG/2013/02-2 “ABRplus Study Lot 2 – Public Procurement” under Framework Contract ENTR/172/PP/2012/FC PPR ABR (European Commission DG ENTR)
  • Contract Research and consultancy services on the role of law in the area of Key Enabling Technologies, within the project “Preparation and demonstration of Multi-KETs pilot lines actions” (European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry)
  • Contract “Quantifying public procurement of research and development of ICT solutions in Europe” (European Commission DG INSFO)

Our framework contracts:

  • Multiple framework contract for consultancy services in ICT and Media Competition Cases (European Commission DG COMP)
  • Framework contract for the provision of services in the areas of evaluation, impact assessment, monitoring and implementation and of other related services, in relation to the Health and Food policies (European Commission DG SANTE)
  • Multiple framework contract for the Support to Structural Reforms in EU Member States (European Commission SRSS)
  • Multiple framework contract for the procurement of economic studies and analyses related to impact assessment and evaluations (European Commission DG GROW)
  • Multiple framework contract for studies in the fields of environment, climate change, energy and space policy (Committee of the Regions)
  • Multiple framework contract for the provision of external expertise to the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (European Parliament)
  • Framework contract for the provision of Evaluation and Impact Assessment Services (European Commission DG CONNECT)
  • Framework contract with re-opening of competition “Legal, economic and technical assistance in the fields of energy and mobility and transport policies” legal assistance in the field of energy (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Framework contract concerning Studies on administrative costs, administrative capacities, IT systems and fraud prevention and detection measures (European Commission DG REGIO)
  • Framework contracts for Assessment of impacts on industrial products and services sectors and Assessments of impacts on enterprises (European Commission DG ENTR)
  • Framework contract concerning Research Services in relation to issues pertaining to the Protection of Personal Data (European Commission DG JUST)
  • Framework contract for the provision of impact assessment related to the future development of cohesion policy and the European Structural and Investment funds (ESI funds) (European Commission DG REGIO)
  • Framework contract for the provision of external expertise to the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs – asylum and immigration, integration and management of the EU’s external borders (European Parliament)
  • Framework contract for Impact Assessments and Evaluation (ex-ante, intermediate, and ex-post) in the field of Energy (European Commission DG ENER)
  • Framework Contract for Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Evaluation-related services in the Area of Migration and Home Affairs (European Commission DG HOME)

We deliver our services to:

European institutions (such as the European Commission, the European Parliament), consultancy firms, law firms, national and regional governments and governmental organisations, and universities.


Spark cooperates with the following companies and organisations: