New Study supporting the verification of compliance of national legislative measures implementing Directive (EU) 2018/2001 on the promotion of use of energy from renewable sources

Are you ready to use more renewable energy sources in your everyday life? Directive (EU) 2018/2001 on the Promotion of Use of Energy from Renewable Sources (RED II) provides new and comprehensive rules on energy regulation for the next decade, focusing on the promotion and use of renewable energy sources across the different sectors in the EU (i.e., electricity, heating and cooling, and transport). RED II sets a binding EU target for its share in the energy mix in 2030 and it identifies at least a 32% share of energy from renewable sources, ensuring that the goal is achieved cost-effectively.

Spark Legal Network, in consortium with Grimaldi Studio Legale, will assist the European Commission to verify the completeness and conformity of national transposition and implementing measures with the respective provisions of the Directive. This will involve in-depth legal analysis and data collection across the 27 Member States.

We are happy to contribute this way to support the EU’s ambitious energy efficiency targets for 2030!