Collaborative economy in the accommodation sector

In 2017, VVA and Spark Legal Network completed the ‘Study on the assessment of the regulatory aspects affecting the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector’ (580/PP/GRO/IMA/ 15/15111J)  for   the   European   Commission – DG GROW. The official publication of the study can be found here.

Since this area continues to develop and grow rapidly and the collaborative economy is becoming more and more popular among the EU citizens, Spark continues to stay up to date with the fast changing legal landscape across the EU Member States. We believe that the collaborative economy model will continue to play a crucial role in the future of tourism. We therefore hold and offer fully up-to-date information on the relevant legal framework across the EU.

For more information, take a look at the following country reports: Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, or get in touch with us at: