New study on the Quality Framework for Traineeships

Finalisation of Study on the compliance of national legislative measures implementing Directive (EU) 2018/2002 and Directive (EU) 2018/844

Results of the Study on Enhancing implementation of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive 2011/24/EU to ensure patient rights in the EU

New Study on hate speech and hate crime

New Study supporting the monitoring of the Posting of Workers Directive 2018/957/EU and of the Enforcement Directive 2014/67/EU

New Study to support an implementation report on the basis of Article 18(4) of Directive (EU)2017/1371 of 5 July 2017 on the fight against fraud to the Union’s financial interests by means of criminal law

Publication of the Study on the best practices and performance of auto-enrolment mechanisms for pension savings

Publication of the Study to support the preparation of the European Commission’s initiative to extend the list of EU crimes to hate speech and hate crime