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About Us

EU law affects all our lives – personally and professionally. Throughout our societies, questions are raised with regard to the implications of EU law and policy. At the same time, there is a need for solutions to issues of a cross-border nature. Spark Legal Network has the knowledge and expertise to facilitate understanding, provide guidance and find solutions to any (cross-border) question on regulation or policy, at both national and European level.

Sparkestablished in 2011, has already demonstrated expertise in a wide range of EU projects. We are uniquely connected to legal professionals throughout Europe and our excellent network of legal experts links you to knowledge which is not restricted by borders; transcending language, distance and culture. We can tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients and, through Spark, you will gain access to accurate and up-to-date information on national and European law and policy in every possible area.

We actively promote the exchange of information, news and ideas regarding all aspects of European law and policy. We therefore invite everyone with an interest in European law and its links to policy to join our network. Comments and questions are also always welcome.

  • Consultancy

    We provide Europe-wide research and consultancy services on a range of legal and policy areas.

  • Legal Network

    Our experts are based at law firms, universities, consultancies, and organisations all over the European Union and EFTA Member States.

  • Current Projects

    At present we are working on a range of studies for the European Commission in collaboration with consortium partners.

  • Team

    Our network coordination and project management is conducted by a professional team based in London and the Netherlands.

  • Get in touch

    Spark is always keen to hear from legal professionals looking for collaboration opportunities

Latest News

Call for applications for the FCP Annual Training on Competition Law and Economics 2017/2018, Second Edition

The Florence Competition Programme (FCP), formerly known as ENTraNCE, is a project of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy).

The FCP Annual Training targets in particular:

– Officials from National Competition Authorities and National Regulatory Authorities
– Practicing lawyers
– Economic consultants
– In-house legal counsels, managers and experts in public affairs

The main features of the programme:
– Advanced training on recent developments in competition law and economics
– 3 short residential training blocks (Thursday-Saturday morning) at the EUI campus, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan hills near Florence
– Classes taught by leading academics and practitioners in the field of competition law and economics
– Interactive classes, including frontal lectures, group exercises and mock cases
– Online activities between the residential blocks
– Diploma released by the European University Institute, a unique international academic institution specialized in post-graduate studies

Online applications are open until 30th June 2017.

For further information concerning the FCP Annual Training, please visit our webpage.

New Study – Operational restrictions in the retail sector

Spark, in collaboration with London Economics and Valdani, Valdani & Associati (VVA Europe) and GDCC, has begun a study on operational restrictions in the retail sector, for the European Commission (DG GROW). The study will involve the identification, mapping and describing of national and regional regulations that may have a negative impact on daily operations of retail companies in the 28 EU Member States and Norway.

 For further information about this project, please get in touch via email.

New Study – Assessment of the regulatory aspects affecting the collaborative economy in the tourism accomodation sector in the 28 EU Member States

Spark, in collaboration with Valdani, Vicari & Associati (VVA Europe), has begun a study on the assessment of the regulatory aspects affecting the collaborative economy in the tourism accommodation sector in the 28 Member States, for the European Commission (DG GROW). The study will involve the mapping of the regulatory environment at national level, a legal assessment of the regulatory framework, the creation of an openness scoring, market case studies and the development of best practices in the sector.  The results of the study are expected in September 2017.

 For further information on collaborative economy regulatory issues at the EU or Member State level, or to enquire about this project, please get in touch via email.